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Greg Mundis
Executive Director

Greg Mundis

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Water Miracle in Liberia

After drilling three times water was finally struck.


Nearly a year ago, missionaries in Liberia began working with a Dutch drilling company to find water desperately needed for the Assemblies of God Bible school.

Beginning in March, they drilled through 175 feet of rocky soil. They were unable to reach water and part of the equipment broke off and fell inside the hole. The second time, they drilled down 100 feet and broke off a drill bit worth $10,000. The man leading the drilling project told the missionaries there was likely no water on the campus. All drilling halted for many months after the equipment broke down. In November, the team drilled again in another location unsuccessfully.

Missionaries asked that we request prayer for a miracle. We appealed through social media and a prayer fax to thousands of churches to pray. When missionaries told the man running the drilling rig that thousands of people were praying, he said, “Surely with so many people praying we will find water!”

On the Friday before Christmas, they struck water! After pumping for two hours, the water was still flowing. Missionaries will install a solar-powered pump and a hand pump. Both the school and community will now have safe, clean drinking water.

Thank you for praying with us! To God be the glory!


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