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AGWM Administration

Keith Kidwell AGWM Administrator
The Assemblies of God World Missions Administrator works with U.S. staff to facilitate the ministries of Assemblies of God missionaries around the world.


Esther AxmarkManager
Divisional Accounting provides an interface between AGWM and Ministers Benefit Association (MBA). They are responsible for the AGWM operational budget, the preparation of information for the WM Board and annual report, for insuring that all the IRS requirements and related matters are fulfilled, overseeing the application of the missionary cost of living indexes, corporate insurance, equipment, and purchasing, and finances of the missionary medical fund, monitoring AGWM revolving loans and functions as Accounts Payable for AGWM.


Ann Bull — Manager
Dana MendittoAssistant Manager
Financial Services is responsible for the accounting functions involved in the maintenance of individual missionary and institutional financial accounts. This service includes processing financial reports according to standard accounting procedures and policies approved by AGWM and the General Council. Careful records are maintained for all world missions’ funds to assure proper accountability and distribution. Each regional financial specialist services specified accounts within a geographical boundary or an assigned group of accounts.


Evy McCroskey — Manager
The Missionary Services department assists missionaries and administration with preparation for departure to the field, moving on the field, or returning to the U.S. at the time of itineration, retirement or termination. This service includes passport and visa processing, as well as shipping functions. The Missionary Services team also manages all areas of insurance matters, legal documents, powers of attorney and general letters. This section is responsible for the processing of all incoming mail and donations.


Bob LaFon — Manager
Technical Services is responsible for coordinating the use of technology as a tool to reach the world with the gospel as well as assisting missionaries and AGWM personnel in doing the same.

General Help


Colleen Price — Manager
Word Processing offers a variety of services to Assemblies of God World Missions departments, including transcription, proofreading, preparation of merge mailings, scanning, form development, document formatting, and creation of PowerPoint presentations.


Randy Hurst Director
The Director of Communications provides oversight of video, media production and fund-raising for special World Missions projects, including Senders Fund, A/G Relief and World Missions Emergency Fund.

Missions World Videos – short presentations produced monthly for three audiences:

Don Jones — Manager

The Creative Services area provides design and pre-production of World Missions theme materials and publications, photography, and media archival. The department also provides editorial support, design and oversight to the AGWM Web site.


Rosalee McMain
— Manager

World Missions Touchscreen Computer – exploring the world at a touch of a finger, displaying missionaries’ pictures by country and delivering up to date prayer requests, news, videos and missions information to the church foyer.

A/G Relief Fund
In times of crisis, missionaries and national believers are the most efficient means of distributing relief and providing medical care. With more than 250,000 local congregations in more than 200 nations, the Assemblies of God is strategically situated when disaster strikes. Giving through Assemblies of God Relief allows congregations and individuals to minister both physically and spiritually.

World Missions Emergency Fund

Contributing to the World Missions Emergency Fund allows money to be available for immediate assistance to a missionary. World Missions Emergency Fund is designed to quickly meet a need for a medical crisis such as airlifting a missionary out of a country or an unplanned opportunity to purchase property for ministry.

Senders Fund
Senders Fund has helped reduce the itineration time for new missionaries from 22 months to 13 months. That's nine additional months that missionaries are ministering on the field fulfilling their call to reach the lost. Through funds contributed by churches and individuals to Senders Fund, new missionaries also are able to reduce the number of services and expenses required to raise a budget.


Jeff Hartensveld — Director
The Mobilization Director oversees this department which maintains and builds relationships with the public, local churches, districts, parachurch entities and all missionaries on itineration. The director also oversees the production of missions education and information materials and directs missions promotional events conducted throughout the United States.

Frank Vice — Itineration Manager
The Itineration staff tracks progress of candidate and veteran missionaries. They also provide training for candidate missionaries and assist with final clearance procedures. This department participates in district and regional missions leadership seminars and partners with district missions directors in promotion of missions and missionaries.

Roseann Witherspoon — Manager

Personnel and Member Care

Rick Johnson — Director

The Personnel and Member Care director oversees this department whose primary focus is the selection and training process of missionaries including short-term personnel and teams. Personnel and Member Care is the official placement service of Assemblies of God World Missions. They maintain a Web site of short-term missions opportunities around the world. They also offer online application for short-term missionaries and MAPS volunteers. The director also gives oversight to the care of missionaries and their families including the ministry to children of missionaries (MK's).

The International Society of Missionary Kids (ISMK) is the Assemblies of God World Missions ministry to its MK's. It includes approximately 1,400 MK's scattered throughout 212 countries and territories. ISMK believes that God calls the entire family to be missionaries. Therefore, we work to equip, engage and enable the Missionary Kids emotionally, educationally and spiritually for their transition to the field, life and ministry on the field, and reentry into American society.


Bob Friesen — Director
This department researches, collects, processes and provides departments, missionaries, and churches with statistical information concerning Assemblies of God World Missions.

AG Media Commission

David Lee — Chairman
The AG Media Commission takes the message to areas of the globe that missionaries may not be able to go.

AGWM Media

Asia Pacific Media Ministries

Global University

Hermano Pablo Ministries

International Media Ministries

Lindin Media

Network 211

Think A Minute Radio

Unsión Television


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Africa Asia Pacific Eurasia Europe Latin America/Caribbean Northern Asia International Ministries