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Greg Mundis

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Frequently Asked Questions about AGWM

General Information

  • How can I contact Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM)?

  • Do you have a World Missions catalog?

  • How can I order missions materials?

  • Can I order from the catalog online?

  • Do you have a missions packet?

  • We have never had a missions convention in our church but would like to have one.
    Any suggestions?

  • Do you have annual themes?

  • What is the time frame of a missionary commitment?

  • What is the time frame for the cost of living increase?

  • What is meant by a "sensitive" country?

  • Why are some AGWM missionaries not shown on any missionary list?

  • Why can't I contribute online to missionaries from "sensitive" countries?

  • How often do missionaries send out newsletters?

  • Why do missionaries need to itinerate?

  • When I send my offering to AGWM for a missionary or missions project, how much of my money actually reaches the intended missionary or project? Is some taken out?

    How can I contact Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM)?

    Telephone: 1.417.862-2781. Request the extension, name of person or department you wish to contact.
    Fax: 1.417.862.0085 or 1.417.832.8723
    Mail: Assemblies of God World Missions,  1445 North Boonville Avenue,  Springfield, MO 65802-1894

    Do you have a World Missions catalog?

    Yes, a free catalog with materials for both World Missions and U.S. Missions can be mailed.

    How can I order missions materials?

    Supplies for your missions convention or other missions needs may ordered by calling 1.800.988.6568, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (CST).

    Can I order from the catalog online?

    We prefer you call us so we can get to know you personally and are better able to assist you.

    Do you have a missions packet?

    We don't provide a missions packet containing samples. We depend on the catalog and Web site to provide information on available materials.

    We have never had a missions convention in our church but would like to have one. Any suggestions?

    A free missions kit (also called Missions Convention in a Box or CIAB) is available to your church if this is your first missions convention, or if you have not had a missions convention within three years.

    The kit contains a letter with a list of missions convention items, a $25 gift certificate and the current catalog from which to order materials with your certificate.

    Call 1.800.988.6568 to order. Sheila or Henrietta will be glad to take your order and discuss any further questions you may have.

    Do you have annual themes?

    Yes, the AGWM theme year runs from August to July, and new theme materials are available around July 1. Theme banners, music, posters, photos, logos, sermon outlines and many other items are displayed in the catalog.

    Along with the current year's theme materials, AGWM also provides theme materials for the previous year while supplies last.

    What is the time frame of a missionary commitment?

    A commitment is for the term the missionary is on the field, including a year of itineration. This is normally four years for a new missionary and five years for a veteran.

    What is the time frame for the cost of living increase?

    The cost of living increase notice that churches and individuals receive does not change the original commitment length.

    What is meant by a "sensitive" country?

    Because of the political situations, AGWM has designated some countries as "sensitive." This means that for the safety of missionaries and national Christians, AGWM staff normally will not disclose missionary names or activities in those countries.

    Why are some AGWM missionaries not shown on any missionary list?

    For safety, missionaries working in "sensitive" countries are not shown on AGWM missionary listings.

    Why can't I contribute online to missionaries from "sensitive" countries?

    For safety reasons, missionaries ministering in sensitive countries cannot have their names and information on the Internet.

    How often do missionaries send out newsletters?

    Missionaries are requested to send four newsletters a year to their contributors - two by e-mail and two by regular mail.

    Why do missionaries need to itinerate?

    Assemblies of God missionaries raise funds for their overseas ministries by visiting churches and asking for support (itineration). In this way, churches and individuals are given the opportunity to partner with missionaries.

    When I send my offering to AGWM for a missionary or missions project, how much of my money actually reaches the intended missionary or project? Is some taken out?

    Ninety-five percent of an offering goes to the missionary's account or designated missions project. Only 5 percent is kept out for general emergency and administrative expenses. AGWM has the highest level of financial integrity with regard to funds entrusted to them.

    AGWM projects and ministries are identified by ministry account numbers that represent all facets of the related ministry, including missionary work and personal support. Donations are deposited into the accounts designated by the donors. Five percent of the donation is directed to the General Emergency Fund that is used to fund special ministry needs as approved by the World Missions Executive Committee and to partially support the World Missions operations.

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    World Missions and Finances


    How can I make a commitment to begin supporting a missionary?

    Commitment forms are available from missionaries or AGWM. Or click here to fill out your form online.

    I made changes to my commitments on a blue-and-white offering form, but the changes have not been made in AGWM. Why not?

    The preprinted blue-and-white offering form is not tied to the commitment system. This form serves only to properly identify offerings. The AGWM staff does not see the form unless a note or letter is attached.

    What is the best way to communicate a commitment change to AGWM?

    Complete a new commitment form, either on a preprinted form or online. This guarantees that backup information is available to verify your commitment records. If you do not have access to a commitment form or the AGWM Web site, a letter detailing the changes is acceptable.

    How should I inform AGWM of decreased or deleted commitments?

    Please contact the pledge specialist at 417.862.2781 ext. 2072, or write a letter to the pledge specialist at Headquarters with your information.

    Each fall I receive a cost-of-living mailing with a list of my commitments.
    The list is seldom current. Why?

    Commitment information is sent to AGWM daily and is recorded both in the missionary's file and the donor's file. If new information has not been communicated properly to AGWM, the files cannot be updated. Making changes on the blue-and-white offering form without a note will not give AGWM the information needed to update its records.

    How can I update AGWM files?

    Make any changes necessary on the cost-of-living printout. Add names, change dollar amounts and make other corrections necessary to bring AGWM records in line with your records.

    What happens when the updated list is returned to AGWM?

    AGWM staff immediately begins to update the commitment files and prepare new certificates for donors. Allow adequate time for certificates to be processed. AGWM receives thousands of responses that generate approximately 50,000 certificates annually.

    How are certificates prepared and sent?

    Normally, certificates are sent to the appropriate district missions director (DMD) for his or her signature. Afterward, the certificates are mailed to churches.

    For special occasions, certificates can be sent without the DMD's signature. However, the donor should send or take the certificate to the district office for official signatures as soon as possible.

    How does a missionary know I have made a commitment?

    A list of all commitments appears on each missionary's monthly cash receipts report. This list includes new, increased, deleted and changed commitments. Providing information to AGWM is extremely important so that missionaries can be notified.

    Sometimes financial difficulties make it necessary for a church to adjust its missions budget.
    How should these cutbacks be made to cause as few problems as possible for the missionary?

    Contact AGWM to request a correspondence report and financial analysis of the missionaries you support. Review the list and note whether each missionary is on the field or at home. Missionaries overseas will not have an opportunity to recover lost funds until they come home for itineration. Missionaries already in the United States can contact other churches and try to recover lost commitments.

    Also, unusual inflation on the field or lost commitments sometimes forces a missionary's account into overdraft. If this happens while he or she is on the field, the missionary does not have an opportunity to recover or personally solicit new funds. Try to maintain support for missionaries who are overseas.

    The AGWM U.S. Relations department can provide assistance in evaluating how to make cutbacks in missions giving. Call 1.417.862.2781, ext. 2050.

    Occasionally, my church has excess funds in its missions account. How can this money best be used?

    These funds can be used effectively in several ways.

    1. Give a special offering to each missionary your church supports.
    2. Ask AGWM to supply your church with names of missionaries who urgently need funds.
    3. Increase each missionary commitment.
    4. Invest the excess finances in Senders Fund to help cover initial expenses for new missionary candidates.
    5. Contribute to an approved field project.
    6. Add one or more missionaries to your regular support list.

    My church has no records of its missions commitments. How can I get this information?

    A current list of church commitments is available through AGWM. However, it is not possible to supply backdated records because of limited time and the unavailability of adequate information. Call 1.417.862.2781, ext. 2072.

    My church does not have certificates for all its missions commitments. How can these be obtained?

    Contact the U.S. Relations department. A staff member will send you certificates for the missionaries you support. Call 1.417.862.2781, ext. 2072.

    Because of financial difficulties, my church is behind in its commitments. What should we do?

    If possible, send enough to cover the months missed. If not, pick up the commitments now and continue to pay commitment amounts


    Some individuals in my congregation send personal commitments to missionaries.
    Can our church receive World Ministries Giving credit for these offerings?

    Any individual who sends offerings directly to AGWM can designate the church that should be given World Ministries Giving credit. The donor should write the name of the church, city and state in the upper right-hand corner of the blue-and-white offering form. A receipt will be sent to the donor and the church will be given credit.

    Why are missionary budgets so high?

    A missionary's budget is equivalent to a church or district budget. A missionary's personal support is calculated into the amount, as well as money used to assist Bible schools and other ministries on the field.

    When should I start paying a commitment?

    Ideally, payment should begin immediately or as soon as possible after signing the commitment form. Write the missionary's name on the blue-and-white preprinted offering form the first time the commitment is sent. The missionary's name will be printed on the form attached to your receipt.

    What is the normal duration of a commitment?

    Since missionaries need support while on itineration, the commitment should be for no less than five years. This will allow the missionary to complete his or her itineration, serve a four-year term overseas, and return to the United States for further itineration. Many churches support a missionary for his or her entire career.

    What is the difference between a commitment and a Faith Promise?

    Local churches encourage their members to make annual Faith Promises. Individuals or families are challenged to believe God for an amount He will provide for them to give on a monthly basis.

    Commitments are signed agreements from churches or individuals who decide to support one or more missionaries for a five-year period or longer. Commitments are recorded in AGWM to determine when a missionary has raised his or her budget. Receipts and preprinted offering forms are furnished for the donor's convenience. However, reminders or bills are never sent to the donor.

    How should a church's missions committee plan for adding new missionaries to its commitment list between missions conventions?

    The following method works well for some churches:

    Once Faith Promises are received, the pastor and missions committee can determine the amount of money they have to work with and how it should be distributed. For example, if Faith Promises total $10,000, perhaps $8,000 can be pledged to various missionaries. The remaining $2,000 allows the church to add new missionaries throughout the year and give to special needs.

    Pledging less than the total amount of Faith Promises also protects against Faith Promises that do not come in.

    You might also consider adding one or more $50 commitments or an undesignated amount into your budget. When a missionary visits your church, write the missionary's name and account number on a commitment form and give it to him or her. You will have provided the missionary with immediate support while staying within your budget.

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    Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

      AG — Assemblies of God

      AGWM — Assemblies of God World Missions

      AG — Relief Raises funds for overseas relief

      AHM — Africa Harvest Ministries

      AIM — Ambassador in Mission

      ALSO — Africa Library Services Office

      APEO — Asia Pacific Education Office

      APMM — Asia Pacific Media Ministries

      APTS — Asia Pacific Theological Seminary

      ATTS — Africa Theological Training Service

      Berean — A correspondence Bible college, now merged with Global University

      BGMC — Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

      CIS — Commonwealth of Independent States

      CMRC — Children's Ministries Resource Commission

      COH — Convoy of Hope

      CST — Caribbean School of Theology

      CTS — Continental Theological Seminary

      FACULTAD — Latin America Theological Seminary

      GAP — Global AIDS Partnership

      GI — Global Initiative

      GU — Global University

      GTC — Global Teen Challenge

      HCM — HealthCare Ministries

      ICI — International Correspondence Institute, now Global University

      IM — International Ministries

      IBMM — International Bible Media Ministries

      IMM — International Media Ministries

      LACRDM — Latin America and Caribbean Resource and Development Ministry

      LAAST — Latin America Advanced School of Theology

      LACC — Latin America ChildCare

      LALS — Latin America Library Services

      LASMF — Latin America Strategic Missionary Force

      LFTL — Light for the Lost

      LIFE — Life Publishers International

      MAPS — Missions Abroad Placement Services

      Network 211 — An AGWM Internet media ministry

      OneHope — (formerly called Book of Hope)

      RRI — Royal Rangers International

      SEC — Save Europe's Children

      STL — Speed the Light

      ST — Short-Term Ministry Abroad

      U.S. Relations — The AGWM department that connects missionaries with the churches in the United States

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