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A Missions-Minded Church Receives a Free Church Building

The new Templo Emanuel

By Dino Espinoza

In July 2008 we completed our first 23 years of serving God as pastors of Templo Emanuel, a bilingual church in Crystal City, Texas, a community of 8,600.

Like the prophet Samuel, we can testify, “The Lord has helped us thus far.” Our congregation has enjoyed rich ministries since its beginning in 1932. Presently, Templo Emanuel maintains a focus on missions based on three key words that serve as the mission of the church: Praying, Loving, Giving. The emphasis founded on the history of the apostolic church in the Book of Acts motivates the church with the principle motto: A Great Commission Church.

Missions and Templo Emanuel form a strong bond in all the church ministries. As one observes our activities, one can quickly see that missions is not a decoration nor a program, but the life of the congregation. We sincerely believe that as we invest in the cause of the Kingdom, God will not only call the believers to His vineyard, but He will provide so that local and worldwide ministries will have both spiritual and economic support.

As we began our pastorate in 1985 we challenged the church by stating: “We desire that in the future the tithe of all the church income be designated for missions.”

God has been faithful! Presently, close to 25 percent of all money that Templo Emanual receives is distributed to missions.


We do not just think and talk about missions. We practice missions with offerings, programs and activities. We enjoy prayer gatherings, missions studies, videos, activities, and at least 15 missions services each year. Our annual missions convention or festival serves as a reminder of the church’s mission: Evangelize the whole world.

Through the year we do this by supporting more than 30 ministries. We have special activities for Speed the Light, BGMC and other Assemblies of God missions programs. Templo Emanuel continues to sow the precious seed.


Our testimony would not be complete if we did not mention that on December 2007, a faithful group from First Baptist Church here in Crystal City notified us that on October 2008 they would dissolve their congregation. Not wanting to lose nor sell their property, they presented us a special challenge. They said they would donate their church building at no cost whatsoever to Templo Emanuel. They had one request: “Fill it with God’s people.”

Dino and Loida Espinoza

These facilities include a sanctuary that seats almost 300 people, a gymnasium, and 10 classrooms that serve more than 120 children in a private school and daycare called Wintergarden Christian School. On October 12, 2008, Templo Emanuel took ownership of the entire facilities (including the private school).

We believe this miracle is a manifestation of God’s grace and favor. Humbly and gratefully we add that this is the fruit of sowing in missions for so many years.

The theme of our weekly radio program declares:

It’s a new season, it’s a new day.
Fresh anointing is flowing my way.
It’s a season of power and prosperity.
It’s a new season coming to me!

Dino and Loida Espinoza pastor Templo Emanuel in Crystal City, Texas

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