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Setting Goals

Ernie Jones and the Trinity Worship Center Missions Awareness Team


By David Reddout


Trinity Worship Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, where David E. Kelly is senior pastor, finished its annual missions convention a few weeks ago. Although they have conducted an annual missions convention in the past, this was the first year they had set a Faith Promise goal. 


Missions pastor Ernie Jones, retired AGWM missionary to Africa, reported that this year’s Faith Promises totaled $2,434 per month, an increase of more than $100.  


I am sure many factors contributed to this monthly increase, but here are two which I believe are very important.


First, the missions team set a goal. During the Faith Promise Sunday service, Pastor Jones cast the vision to the congregation, letting them know what the goal was and what they would do with the increase. He spoke very clearly of their need to increase the amount they give to missionaries monthly.


Second, the missions team has consistently hosted a missions convention. This was my first time to be with them, but it was obvious the missions convention and Faith Promise was not a new concept. Therefore, when Pastor Jones challenged them with a new goal, they understood this was an opportunity to see how God would use them as a church in support of its missionaries.


What a thrill to be with this great church.


Authors: David Reddout

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